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bessoswatitdoo i'm j,,, i eat rainbow skittles and skip rope un besso!

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Ode to Bonaparte:
If it were that some among us on Earth aspired to be masters of the thoughts, hearts and minds of others. Some who sought the power to put a first-person perspective cinema in on us as we slept, but who felt remorse this secret technology were what we were raised to know as our dreams. When we discovered that it were men, not god who played the role of these hidden projectionists, we thought “My god! Will the theatre of my dreams go dark?” “Who among these men about me could I even dare choose to continue giving the gift I innocently accepted as my own imagination?” “Who among you could I ask to defile mankind and let my dreams come vibrantly to light as they did when I were a child!” It would have to be a gentlemen of great taste. As it were that a master projectionist of poor taste would strike fear into the very heart of Napoleone Bonaparte himself, these thoughts came as a plague.
They woke me in the night one year and a voice from god’s servant came to console me as I mourned. “I will try” it said, “I’ll give you a gift. What do you want?” At that time it were quite difficult to imagine anything I could want. I had discovered my dreams to be the result of contrite farce. I replied and was honest but like the great director the man who would have me as his actor was, he had already begun to develop his idea of what he would give. Woven cleverly into the script he brought to life, he revealed his thoughtful gift stashed in the run of Bonaparte’s legacy. He showed me that maybe a friend in man could be.

- J

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